Home insurance

We insure your home whether it is a rented apartment or your own villa, both if it is a vacation property or your main residence. If you have a mortgage on your house we include a paragraph in the conditions as required by law and the mortgage giver. AXA will state that any larger claims indemnisations will firstly go to the mortgage provider to cover the debt.

Home insurance

To give you a quote for a home insurance we need:

Your Spanish NIE-number
Date of birth
Post code
What type of home it is, apartment, on what floor (top, middle or street level), detached house, semidetached house or terraced house?
Are you the owner or do you rent it?
Is it your main residence or vacation home?( Do you live there more or less than 6 months in a year)
How much do you wish to insure the building for, approximately how much would it cost to build it today?
Square meters living area
Year of construction
Contents value? Replacement value
Is there a safe? Do you have jewellery / valuables? How much do you want to insure jewellery/ valuables for in the safe, outside the safe but within the home?
(+34) 952 469 035

Get a quote!

    With this information we can give you a few different quotes. We have a low premium basic cover for just  important damage like fire, explosion, water damage and similar. We also have a more average cover for more types of accidents but that also costs a little more and finally we have the Vip option that covers most unexpected sudden accidents. We can send you the quotes and list of cover in several languages as well as in Spanish.

    Our newer household insurance also include cover for water leaking from a terrace or similar, clearing of a clogged pipe, computers, trees and bushes, household appliances, total loss caused by construction work by a third party and you can include civil responsability for a dog that is of a breed considered dangerous or a cross with such breed.