Car insurance

We insure your car for either just third party cover, for damage that you cause on other vehicules or people or property. Or you can add glass (the windows), and fire and theft. On these types of cover there is no excess, none at all nor for the break down cover. We also have fully comprehensive cover with or withour excess (but excess just on the damage to your own car not on anything else). If you drive the car outside of Spain you need the Vip breakdown cover.

AXA has contracts with several workshops/ garages that if you use their services offer advantages like a courtesy car during repairs when available,  pickup and delivery of the car at your place, no prior booking needed for evalution of repair cost, discount on repair the customer pays himself, interior and exterior washing, security/safety check of the car, 3 years warranty on the repair work, for these services some requisites must be filled.

Car insurance

To give you a quote for a car insurance we need the following information:

Date of birth
Date of when you got your first driver´s licence
Post code
Exactly what car is it? Make, modell, version (the commercial name in Spain) Petrol or diesel, engine size and horsepower may help to identify the exact car
Date of first registration
Do you have bonus in Spain or in your country of origin?
Do you have a garage, private or community garage?
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