Health insurance

If you need a private health insurance we can provide you with one. As a complement to or instead of the Spanish public healthcare and you can chose between going to the doctors and clinics that are on AXAs medical pool or have a free choice of doctors and clinics in Spain or worldwide.

Health insurance

The information we need to have to give you a quote is:

Date of birth
Smoker or not
Also please provide a telephone number for AXA to call you and make an interview.
You can also insure the whole family, several persons within the family unit.
(+34) 952 469 035

If something happens you should call AXA, and the relevant phone numbers you can find in your policy and on your receipt for the latest premium payment. There is  a special number to call if you do not speak Spanish so you need to talk to someone in English:  911 119 546.

To get an authorization for an operation or other treatment you should call: 918 070 055 AXA Salud

Get a quote!

    We can offer cover to a new client up to 65 years of age and up to 70 years of age if you also include 3 other members of your family like children and/ or grandchildren under the age of 60.

    If accepted you then have cover for life.