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Malmström & Schnipper S.C

Malmström & Schnipper S.C. is a Nordic/Scandinavian insurance agent. We have had our offices in Fuengirola, Spain since the late 1970s. We were first agents for the Swiss insurer Winterthur but as they were bought up by AXA we became agents for them instead.

We have clients from Almuñecar to Sotogrande on the Costa del Sol but also in Alicante and Madrid, most contacts are now on e-mail and over the telephone. If you are in Fuengirola you are most welcome in and see us in our office.

We speak Swedish, English, Spanish and Finish.

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What we do

We offer insurances in one of the world´s biggest insurance companies, AXA. We also help you understand and deal with a foreign country´s legal system, culture and language in insurance matters. We try to provide the quickest and most efficient service that we can. We know that insurance can be difficult in your mother tongue and in your own culture so it can be something of a challenge in a foreign country, that is why we are here to help and assist you. We have many years experience of and knowledge about Spain, in the Spanish language and of insurance.

Worth noting

When you take out an insurance make sure you understand what kind of insurance you get, what does it cover and what not, is there an excess, if something happens who can you turn to , who will assist you? And in what language? From time to time look over your insurance, after a few years it may need to be upgraded/modified? The car is older maybe third party, glass, fire and theft is sufficient? You have had a pool installed, that must also be covered in the insurance. Maybe you have bought some jewellery or inhereted some pieces of art, make sure the contents value reflects that!

If you have all your insurances with one company you not only become a more important customer but you also get a discount and other privileges!